Why Way

Way exists because restrictive diets have an 83% failure rate. 1 in 4 people who do a restrictive diet will end up with an Why Way Eating Disorder, and 35% who do a diet will develop Disordered Eating – that’s ridiculous!

All this failure makes people feel like it’s them, when in reality the diets are the problem. Diet culture is all around – any time you hear or see someone say that you “should” eat this or that, or your body “should” look a certain way, that’s diet culture rearing its ugly head.

an illustration of a girl holding an ice cream cone, Why Way

With Way there is so much goodness to explore.

When we increase our awareness about how our thoughts and feelings affect our actions, we can find new ways to relate to all aspects of our lives including how we eat, what we eat, why we eat.

Armed with this kind of awareness, difficult times are easier because we have built up a cooperative, non-judgmental relationship with food and ourselves.

Way talks about things like…

How will a certain food make your body physically feel after eating it?

What feelings or emotions were you having after you ate something?

What do you feel in your body when you are full?

Describe what’s good about indulging in foods from time to time…Sharing memories about food and eating and how you are still influenced by those memories today.

Why Diets Don't Work, Why Way