Why Diets
Don’t Work

Diets don’t work for many reasons, but we find that the main ones are that diets are telling you what to do. They don’t take into account the mental, emotional, joyful, stressful, social aspects of eating.

Why Diets Don't Work

Diets Disconnect Us From Being Human

Eating cooked food fundamentally defines our humanity. Our pre-frontal cortex, responsible for our cognition, spirituality, and many life aspects – from the vehicles we ride to the devices we use and clothes we wear – owes its development to our unique human brain.

Food, for us, is not just nourishment; it’s a source of pleasure and joy. What our ancestors once ate around a fire now brings families together in kitchens worldwide, the heart of many homes.

So, when a restrictive diet comes in, it usually claims to give you something you want – the “perfect” body (if such a thing actually exists), promises a better job, you’ll get promoted, your friends will like you more, you’ll have *more* friends, if you just have this “perfect” body. And to get the perfect body? Do this diet. That’s what diet culture says.

But that’s a fallacy, because whether it’s counting calories, macros, micros, cleanses, food tracking – whatever it is the diet is asking you to eat or not eat, it’s almost always going to conflict with what your body wants. You may stay with it for a month or two, maybe even 6 months or a whole year!

Eventually though, you’ll likely feel disconnected from your body’s signals, deprived, and you’ll be itching to get out. This is called the restrict-binge cycle, and it can really pull a number on you. As good as you felt before, you feel even worse after – all of that binging really can make you feel shame and/or guilt, not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, and in your self-esteem.

These are all reasons why diets simply don’t work. They cause more harm than help. This is why Way exists, to help you listen to your body, know what makes it feel good, align your way of living and eating to your values and feel safe from the harmful diet culture and effects of restrictive diets. It’s time to find your way!

Why Diets Don't Work