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MEDTECH PULSE – Bentley Adams (CEO and Founder, Way)

Bentley is a passionate, mission-oriented entrepreneur whose college degrees were in Training and Economics, primarily BioMechanics/Functional Movement. Seeing how people were happier and healthier…

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Chalkboard Mag – The Way App Has Changed Our Relationship With Food

When is the last time you felt at peace with your relationship to food? How often do you think about whether what you eat is “good” or “bad”? We’ve partnered with a brand new app, Way…

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Way named 2023 Best Non-Diet App by Healthline

Way is a unique app that takes an antidiet approach to health, which may be best suited for individuals who find calorie counting and other common approaches to interfere with their relationship with food…

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Anti-Diet App ‘Way Health’ Wants to Help Strengthen Your Relationship with Food

Diets don’t work. In our diet-obsessed culture, that fact can be terrifying. It might not even seem true. After all, there’s a $150 billion industry promising to “help” us lose weight…

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This Dietitian-Approved App Will Help You Build a Healthier Relationship with Food and Your Body

With more than 60 self-reflection activities, the Way app will help you re-evaluate how you eat and move and shift both in a way that feels best for you…

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How Way’s Mindful Eating App Helps People Find Peace with Food & Their Body

Way is on a mission to impact health and happiness through mindful eating. As CEO & Founder Bentley Adams explains, Way’s mindful eating app helps people find peace with food and their body…

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Stop looking, this is the best one. I’ve done my research and I can tell you that Way is the way to be. They have been so helpful with answering my questions and I’m finally maintaining this healthy living lifestyle I always wanted to live!”

Lindsay N

Charlotte, NC

Absolutely love Way. With everything in my life, I have such a hard time remembering how important it is to be intentional about what I am eating. The app has been created by amazing experts who make it simple to be mindful.

Mariah S.

Charlotte, NC

Such a refreshing health app, based around how food makes you feel rather than how food makes you look.


Mercede, CA

Way is like your best friend explaining things to you, and it all makes sense and supports you.


St. Louis, MO

It’s a breakthrough.


Dallas-Fort Worth, TX