Feelings Chart – Connect with Emotions More Easily

Feelings Wheel – Connect with Emotions More Easily

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Such a refreshing health app, based around how food makes you feel rather than how food makes you look.

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Merced, CA
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It’s a breakthrough…

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Dallas-Fort Worth, TX
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Stop looking, this is the best one. I’ve done my research and I can tell you that Way is the way to be. They have been so helfpul with answering my questions and I’m finally maintaining this healthy living lifestyle I always wanted to live!

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Lindsay N
Charlotte, NC
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Way is like your best friend explaining things to you, and it all makes sense and supports you.

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St. Louis, MO
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Absolutely love Way. With everything in my life, I have such a hard time remembering how important it is to be intentional about what I am eating. The app has been created by amazing experts who make it simple to be mindful.

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Mariah S.
Charlotte, NC
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Feel Good When You Eat, All The Time

When it comes to dieting aids, most people would tend to think of fitness trackers, gyms, and calorie counting apps. Would it surprise you to learn that one of the most effective aids for developing your own way of eating is Intuitive Eating? The science is clear and understand feelings is much easier with handy tools like the Feelings Chart and the Word Pools inside the Way app.

Want to learn more about how a Feelings Chart can help?

Check out one of these blog posts by Way’s credentialed Dietitian Partners or read more about it below!

More About The Feelings Chart

Talking about feelings can be hard. Understanding emotions – just knowing what you’re feeling and why, can seem like something that society doesn’t really care about. And something we’re just now starting to teach young people better about to truly understand their emotions and begin emotional regulation at a younger age (lucky them!).

Why Feelings Don’t Get Much Attention

In many parts of the world, we learned that feelings and emotions hindered tasks like “doing your job”, getting good grades, excelling in sports, or landing a career-launching job.

However, feelings and emotions are vital connection points to our body. Emotions come with physical signals; we need to learn to listen to our body and interpret its messages.

The reward? Gaining insight and wisdom from the body – the most intelligent and efficient system we’ve studied. No technology matches the human body’s intelligence or efficiency. Yet, how many of us actively listen to our bodies?

Feelings Chart – A Great Tool to Start Your Journey

Developing tools to connect with our daily feelings and emotions is essential. A Feelings Wheel or Emotions Chart is an excellent starting point.

In the Way app, we focus on building “Word Pools”. These screens present a situation (like eating satisfying food or self-talk about body image) and offer 10-15 feelings/emotions to choose from. You can select multiple emotions, recognizing that we often experience more than one feeling simultaneously.

Exploring feelings may seem socially unacceptable, whether with family, friends, or colleagues. Understanding your feelings, even if you choose not to share them, is vital to honor your health (the 10th of 10 Intuitive Eating principles). Sharing feelings can build an environment that rejects restrictive diets and judgmental body images.

Expressing Your Feelings – Replace Diet Culture!

By talking about your feelings, you’re a part of rejecting the diet mentality (#1 Intuitive Eating principle) and helping to create a future where restrictive diets, diet culture, and the massive mental health issues they cause don’t exist either.

And, starting to be vulnerable in sharing what you’re feeling, while you’re feeling it, with people you care about and trust, can be hugely beneficial to your own feelings of connection and melting away isolation or loneliness. Make sure you’re comfortable, but do the work to figure out where the balance of feeling comfortable and what makes you feel courageous is, and share those feelings. Just doing that will help you learn more about where your comfort zone is, who you really trust, and help you know what to continue to explore – it may even be a way to learn something that you didn’t know!

So, if becoming aware of your feelings and emotion sounds like something you’re curious about, read our blog(s)! They are written by some of the best intuitive eating experts and dietitians in the nation and they’re always free.

Getting Deeper ‘In My Feelings’ (Hi Drake!)

Ready for a deeper dive? The Way app, with its Emotional Eats Pathways, redefines emotional eating. It helps you see how accepting and understanding emotions can bring harmony to your relationship with food and your body. The Body Feels Pathway offers unique situations for illuminating body signals, aiding intuitive eating and a peaceful food relationship.

Join over 10,000 people on their journey. We offer it for less than $10/month. Our mission is your health and happiness, and Way was named the 2023 Best Non-Diet App by Healthline. And, use code “Bentley20” to get the price of the annual plan down to just $3.33/month. Enjoy!